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Guest Blogger Stint

I had the best time this week being a guest blogger for White Space by Stationery HQ! Read up about some of the latest invitation trends and find out what I’m obsessed with these days.

Valentine Time

Having a preschooler forces me to channel my inner 3-year-old on Valentine’s Day. With my printable DIY valentine-heart soar template, these nifty cards can be yours too. (Who loves you?!) We printed ours on a pretty

Timing is Everything

Life is about timing, isn’t it? And so is the mailing schedule for your wedding. (Trust us on this one!) The most common question we get asked by brides is “When should I mail my invitations?”

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! When we have a new collection to launch – and our very first at that! – you betcha we’re going to shout it from the mountain tops. So, when announcing our Spring

Where Readymade Meets Couture

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BILLET-DOUX COUTURE STATIONERY AND INVITATIONS LAUNCHES ITS FIRST READYMADE WEDDING COLLECTION BARRINGTON, Illinois (January 12, 2015) – billet-doux – mavens of couture stationery and invitations – has launched its first readymade wedding

For The Bride-To-Be

You know her. Maybe you are her. The giddy girl who can’t stop looking at her left ring finger. The one who suddenly became left-hand dominant thanks to her new, sparkly best friend that she picked up over the

Testing, testing

by Melinda Hartz Testing, testing… Is this thing on? Welcome to our new website. We’re in love with it, but more importantly, hope you find it to be a go-to resource for your life events. We can’t