Fathers Day- It’s All About Dad!

Fathers Day- It’s All About Dad!

Father’s Day – All About Dad!

You might be practicing how your new last name will look, but don’t forget the guy whose name you’ve had your whole life – Dad…

With Father’s Day – and your wedding! – upon us, take a little time to think about how to create special moments for both him –and you. Whether making him more of a standout on your big day or fitting in some quality time before the knot is tied, here are some ideas to make Dad’s heart swell:

1. Make a special coffee date with him (better yet, on the day of your wedding). Give him a mug printed with then-and-now photos of you two to let him know he’ll always have a bottomless place in your heart.

2. Find a copy of the book that he regularly read to you at bedtime. Write a little note inside the book cover with a little memory from your nighttime routine.

3. Have a childhood picture of you and him printed on an oversized canvas. Or make a memory box – add trinkets from yesteryear and a couple nostalgic photos. Mom will love these, too!

4. Write him a card for special delivery on the morning of your wedding. Let him know you’ll always be his little girl and how your journey together led you to find the man of your dreams.

5. Plan an outing for just the two of you to do something he enjoys, but he rarely gets to do – a sporting event, Sci-Fi movie night, road trip, car show, etc.

6. Call him. Just to tell him you love him. Set an alert on your phone for once a week – or as much as possible – before the wedding.